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Destruction of Destroy That Character.

2008-08-11 16:12:57 by fofizzle

As some of you from the wonderful Arts Forum of newgrounds may have realised, the "Destroy That Character" thread has been destroyed.
I would like to thank MindChamber for his locking skills and to all the people that posted thier pictures before page 71. Thank you, and I had a blast (for the most part).

------------------Less then 3,

Destruction of Destroy That Character.


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2008-08-11 17:56:17

That was a great thread, enjoyed seeing all the random ways people destroyed each other. Besides the people that made crappy MS paint pictures (besides me, mine was awesome!),there was some great art. Are you going to make a replacement thread, or is someone else going to have to do it?

fofizzle responds:

No replacement thread EVER!
Nuff said.
Good question though.